Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix

Grab Customer Support agents (CE agents) handle hundreds of calls per day. Unfortunately, the information they need to answer these calls are spread over different data sources. Compounded with the volume of calls they handle, this leads to an increase in Average Handling Time (AHT), which is approximately 3 times that of the company's Service Level Agreement (SLA). Thus, reducing AHT helps CE agents be more productive in their day-to-day work and lead to costs savings for the company.

Project Phoenix aims to optimise Grab's customer support agents' workflow by providing all necessary information into one single platform. Agents will be able to locate pertinent information across different databases and efficiently triage the most common calls they receive.

The pain points Project Phoenix solves are:
1) Lengthy Average Handling Time
2) Increasing backlog of calls and reduced user productivity
3) Use of multiple applications and open web browser tabs to answer one call

Prior to designing Project Phoenix, multiple design workshops were planned and conducted, where users and stakeholders were invited to partake in card sorting, affinity mapping, as-is and to-be mapping, and ideation, to name a few. During the design process, user testing was conducted regularly at intervals, and further iterations were made based on the results gathered.

Password to the full Invision prototype will be available upon request.