GrabShop MVP

GrabShop MVP

Currently in the Philippines and Thailand, Grab users use GrabExpress to help them run errands - for example, buying grocery items from convenience shops near their homes. However, the GrabExpress flow was not designed for the purpose of running errands, creating friction between what users want and what Grab can deliver. As a result, completion rates are low at around 45%, and demand has dropped to around 100-200 rides a day, from a peak demand of 800-900 rides a day. 

GrabShop was thus initiated, and it seeks to:
1. Act as a concierge service for users, to allow users to seamlessly run their errands using Grab, with an aim of 15-30 minutes completion time
2. Optimise product UX and increase scale, without reliance on GrabExpress
3. Increase user demand 
4. Concurrently, increasingly driver earnings, by increasing average user demand
5. Increase completion rate, thus increasing user Net Promoter Score (NPS)

As GrabShop is being launched in phases, the company has decided to roll out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first to capture market share and gather user sentiments. As such, the design is not reflective of the entire GrabShop roadmap.

Date: 2018
Client: Grab App Users
Role: UI/UX Designer
Tags: #Grab