GrabFood Zeus Dashboard

GrabFood Zeus Dashboard

Every day, the GrabFood Operations team has to handle tens of thousands of GrabFood merchants, in onboarding new merchants and updating existing merchant information. To combat this, Grab hires hundreds of temp staff to handle the large amount of data entry work necessary, increasing costs for the company. As the GrabFood business grows, it becomes increasingly important to scale so as to reduce the amount of resources allocated to manage the merchants' information, as well as facilitate rapid business expansion. Unfortunately, the Operations team relies highly on excel sheets, limiting efficiency and product scalability. 

Titled Zeus, the GrabFood Content Management System (CMS) Dashboard project was hence initiated, and seeks to:
1. Improve scalability and feature support
2. Improve usability (positive user Net Promoter Score)
3. Reduce (or remove) reliance on excel sheets with a user-friendly platform
4. Reduce the number of temp staff hired by 25% (targeted) to reduce costs to the company

Essentially, Zeus is the back engine of the entire GrabFood business, supporting the GrabFood eater, driver and merchant apps, in ensuring smooth operations.

During the design process, multiple design workshops and contextual inquiry sessions were planned and conducted, where the current workflows, pain points and needs of users were gathered and analysed, which were translated into wireframes. User testing was also conducted regularly at intervals, and further iterations were made based on the results gathered.

Date: 2018
Client: GrabFood Operations
Role: UX Designer
Tags: #Grab