GrabFood Merchant App

GrabFood Merchant App

With GrabFood entering the market and scaling, there is an increasing need for the GrabFood merchants to have one consolidated location to see all their orders, manage their menus or edit their information. In other words, the GrabFood Merchant app is a necessity with the launch of GrabFood to ensure smooth operations.

The pain points we are solving with the GrabFood Merchant app are:

1) Lack of ability to track incoming GrabFood orders
2) Lack of ability to edit menu information, opening hours, and other merchant information on GrabFood

My role in this project was supporting UX Designer, where I designed the flow for managing store opening hours. I worked collaboratively with other designers, the PM and the engineers to ship the product in an agile manner, iterating in phases.

Only the main screens of the full flow will be shown for brevity. The full flow and unhappy paths are available upon request.

Date: 2018
Client: GrabFood Merchants
Role: Supporting UX Designer
Tags: #Grab