Driver Profile

Driver Profile

Our drivers are at the very heart of Grab - without our drivers, there would be no Grab. However, through town halls and Grab-a-Drink sessions with our drivers, many have lamented that they do not feel valued and respected by Grab and the passengers. They do not have visibility when their ratings drop, and feel anxious and maligned, especially when they believe they have done their best in serving the passengers. The driver profile was thus conceptualised, in a bid to help improve recognition in drivers, improve driver quality, as well as increase driver retention.

The pain points the driver profile seeks to solve are:

1. Improve the trust drivers have in Grab, via tracking NPS (Net Promoter Score). NPS on corporate reputation in Q4'18 was -49 in Singapore, because "Drivers not being treated as partners"

2. Increase visibility drivers have in their ratings, which was a top 10 requested feature by Indonesian drivers

3. Increase empathy between passengers and drivers, via tracking NPS. NPS in Q4'18 were in the red, with 69% of Indonesian 4-wheel drivers calling out negative passenger behaviours, for instance

The approach to these pain points is two pronged, as we understand the need to not only serve our driver-partners, but also to increase empathy in the passengers for our drivers. In other words, not only do we need to reduce the pain points for our drivers, we will also humanise the drivers on the passenger app.

Date: 2019
Client: Grab Drivers
Role: UI/UX Designer
Tags: #Grab
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